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Solar power home storage system

Solar power home storage system

Solar Power Home Storage System is designed to store surplus solar energy captured by residential solar panels. It consists of batteries and inverters that collect and store the excess energy during the day, enabling homeowners to utilize it during nighttime or cloudy days.

This Off-grid solar storage system ensures a consistent power supply, maximizes the efficiency of solar power generation, and reduces dependence on the traditional electricity grid.


1. Plug-and-play, no matching and commissioning required

2. High quality lithium iron phosphate cells and battery management solution

3. Up to 4 batteries in parallel expand to 20.48kWh

4. Support WIFI view real-time data via APP

5. Get started quickly and use it instantly, compact size Min width 13cm

6. Support Off-grid/Hybrid/On-Grid output, multiple charge and discharge modes available

7. Large LCD screen with real-time data

8. Competitive price of solar electricity storage systems

Ningbo Yiteng Electric Co., Ltd. Ningbo Yiteng Electric Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Yiteng
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Ningbo Yiteng Electric Co., Ltd.is OEM/ODM Solar power home storage system suppliers and Solar power home storage system company. We are an international trade enterprise combined with a factory, providing professional OEM/ODM services to customers. Specializing in the manufacturing of portable power stations, EV charging stations, home appliances, solar power equipment, solar components with batteries, lights & lighting, electronic components, PCB plat, plastic products, metal parts, and all kinds of mold development. Provides customers with a full range of solutions from conceptual design to product manufacturing and delivery, aiming to offer a one-stop service for every customer.

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