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Our core production facilities include the PCBA production line, which employs advanced automation equipment and precise manufacturing processes to efficiently complete the production of PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly).

The SMT workshop features two complete surface mount technology assembly lines equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, such as Automatic PCB loaders, imported high-precision printers, online SPI inspection systems, Yamaha and Siemens high-speed pick-and-place machines, high-precision online AOI systems, and a 10-zone reflow soldering oven. These technologies ensure both superior product outcomes and streamlined production processes.

Additionally, we have integrated an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to further enhance our production efficiency and quality control.


In addition to our SMT capabilities, our PCBA production process incorporates a dedicated DIP line, enabling efficient and precise assembly of components using dual in-line package (DIP) technology, ensuring high-quality and reliable circuit board assembly for our customers' electronic products.


We have integrated X-ray testing equipment to detect the voiding rate of BGA solder joints, analyze internal displacements of PCBA, and calculate the soldering reliability based on test data, including voiding rate and chip displacement.


Furthermore, our production line strictly adheres to quality control standards to ensure that each PCBA meets customer requirements and industry standards. Our PCBA production line is capable of fulfilling both large-volume and small-volume orders, providing customers with high-quality, high-reliability PCBA products.

Please feel free to contact us with any customization demand or project requirement.


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